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6 Tips to Write an SEO Friendly Product Description

Written by Mohammad Khaled

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When it comes to SEO, all your on the internet shop will certainly be assessed and also rated according to its importance for customers. This truth must not be your adversary: if you publish appropriate and also high-grade product summaries, it will certainly place well.

If you desire your eCommerce website to rank on the first page of search results, you will certainly have to deal with the method you will certainly explain your product and services.

As for possible consumers that see your website and also desire to acquisition something from your shop, the plain photo of the product you’re offering will not suffice. Online consumers desire to recognize even more regarding the product, and also they anticipate quickly readily available details.

In various other words, to make an influence on online search engine results, you require to have SEO- friendly product summaries. At the exact same time, the description not just has to be SEO- maximized, however, it has to wow possible customers.

This is where the predicament emerges:

● you desire to wow your consumers with wonderful items and also much better, legendary summaries and also copywriting

● you likewise desire to wow Google with adequate semantically appropriate terms that will certainly obtain you on the very first web page of the search results page.

Taking treatment of both of these variables is exceptionally hard, particularly when you have to repeat it for hundreds of various items.

In this write-up, we’re offering you several of the major tips on exactly how to technique SEO optimization of product summaries that will certainly be fascinating to your consumers too!

1. Keyword Research

We can not start speaking about SEO without presenting the attribute of the keyword research study.

Keywords have actually come to be a buzzword that’s sprayed by marketing experts at all times, however, lots of internet sites utilize them with no order, strategy or method.

Online web content frequently obtains overstuffed with key phrases, since lots of authors still think that the much more words, the merrier! However, the realities are totally various.

Keyword- packed web content will certainly not just cause pointless and also unnecessary messages for your genuine consumers, however, you will certainly do real injury with Google’s indexing of your on the internet shop. Namely, Google has actually determined to punish keyword-stuffing time earlier, and also it normally blacklists websites that utilize this approach, positioning it on the last web page of the search results page.

Keywords need to show up in product descriptions totally normally and also naturally, with no indicator that they have actually been positioned there out of context for SEO objectives. For instance, as opposed to duplicating a product search phrase such as “black dress”, usage comparable, relevant key phrases that are in fact relevant to your product “cocktail dress”, “evening dress”, “mini dress”, “casual dress”, and so on

Keywords need to be given via the product summaries similarly. A great standard for the size of a product description that will certainly integrate numerous key phrases goes to the very least 500 personalities.

2. Optimize Title Tags

A product’s title tag is the major message that will certainly be revealed on an internet search engine.

The title tag needs to be regarded as a recap for the whole product web page. The major key phrases must be positioned at the very start of the title tag, while one of the most prominent designs for creating title tags for product summaries is: Primary keyword |Secondary search phrase|Brand name

3. product description Copied from the Manufacturer/Supplier: A Big No-No

If you desire to finish up on Google’s poor side, copy-paste the product description from your vendor. What specifically will this cause?

● You are utilizing recycled on the internet web content that can be quickly located around every edge. Keep in mind that these product summaries are likewise readily available to various other on the internet shops, and also a number of them make use of the exact same description from the vendor without altering a point. This suggests that Google will certainly index this as plagiarism and also non-unique web content, which can result in bad search engine results or also blacklisting.

● Default, basic product summaries produced, and also released by the supplier primarily have just technological specifications and also details. Popular supplier brand names will not write poetical duplicate regarding their mobile phones or laptop computers. Their summaries are utilized to show just the technological side of the product, which makes them fairly uninteresting to read.

The finest point you can do is to craft special and also fascinating web content on your very own, either by on your own or your internal group or working with a consultant. You can inspect this list of the best writing services. Try to describe why a client needs to acquire that product and also exactly how it will certainly profit them.

4. Don’ t Copy-Paste!

Imagine this circumstance: you have 5 smartphones in your directory, just the same design, established by the supplier. The just distinction between the 5 of them is the shade!

The black, silver, white, gold, and also climbed gold smartphones all have their different product web page.

What are you going to do? Copy-paste the first product summaries and also use them to all various shades?

This is a truly alluring option, however, attempt to withstand it. A copied description will certainly not be practical for your on the internet site visitors, however, it’s likewise going to be particularly harmful to your online search engine outcomes.

We recognize it’s tough and also lengthy, however, go above and beyond and also write special web content for every product. It will certainly settle!

5. Add Rich Snippets to Your Product Descriptions

Content monitoring systems such as Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, and also others enable you a large option of opportunities for providing your product web pages on an internet search engine. One of the most valuable ones is most definitely abundant fragments.

These are components that you can easily include listed below your title tag. For instance, you can include testimonials, rate, schedule, and also lots of various other attributes that will certainly aid your web site stick out from the remainder.

After you include these components, you will certainly begin seeing a distinction in the click-through price (CTR) for your target key phrases.

6 Image Optimization

Just like an excellent description, a premium image markets the product. But, for Google and also various other internet search engines to also see your image, it is essential to enhance it.

Don’ t fear, the procedure is actually basic and also does not take a great deal of time:

● Image title: can you think what occurs to pictures that are labelled11212318 jpg? You presumed it– Google overlooks them. When you are generating titles for your items, utilize your target key phrases and also different them with hyphens (e.g. little-black-dress. jpg).

● Alt tags: this is an alternate message that’s revealed to customers in the situation the photo does not pack effectively. In this situation, usage key phrases too.

● Loading rate: make certain that the dimension of your photo documents is not as well large since it will certainly have an adverse influence on the packing rate of your on the internet shop.


SEO optimization is a lengthy job, however, it will most definitely deserve it in the future! It can be particularly tiring for internet shops with hundreds of items to enhance each and every single one. However, if you have hundreds of SEO- maximized product summaries, you’re on the internet shop is ensured to be an appeal internet search engine!

A massive percent of consumers make use of an internet search engines to locate referrals and also items to buy, so this sort of advertising and marketing financial investment is most definitely not something you must neglect. If you do it on your own, SEO is totally free and also you will certainly enjoy its advantages for many years to come!

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